PayPal Giving Fund 奉獻

如果你已擁有一個PayPal帳戶,你可以通過PayPal奉獻基金(PayPal Giving Fund),一家獨立的501(c)(3)慈善組織來奉獻至紐約華人播道會(New York Chinese Evangelical Free Church). PayPal會負擔所有的支付費用,你所奉獻的金額會100%轉入紐約華人播道會,即使你使用信用卡支付奉獻的金額,也不會產生任何費用。當你通過PayPal Giving Fund奉獻的時候,請確認“Share my name and email with this charity”選項已經勾上,以便我們可以記錄該奉獻是由你而來。你的奉獻收據將會由PayPal Giving Fund提供,教會將會在15-45天左右收到你的奉獻。

If you have a PayPal account, you can make donations to NYCEFC via PayPal Giving Fund an independent 501(c)(3) charitable organization. PayPal covers all transaction fees, so 100% of your donations will be received by NYCEFC. No fee will be charged even when you use your credit card linked to your PayPal account. When you donate, please leave the “Share my name and email with this charity” box checked so that we can record your donation. The donation receipt will be issued by PayPal Giving Fund. By the end of the month, PayPal Giving Fund will transfer your donation to NYCEFC and it will take about 15-45 days.